Prost to the Most: A Quirky Guide to San Antonio’s Little Rhein Prost Haus!

In the heart of San Antonio, Texas, lies a charming hidden gem: Little Rhein Prost Haus. This German restaurant is a delightful spot for both locals and tourists, offering a unique dining experience right next to the famous River Walk.

With outdoor seating that lets you watch the boats glide by, this hidden gem transforms dining into an enchanting experience, especially with the added warmth of heaters on cooler days.

Food Highlights:

  • BAVARIAN PRETZEL: A large, satisfying portion served with bier cheese and Dusseldorf mustard, perfect for two.
  • JUMBO CHICKEN TENDERS: Slightly over-fried but juicy, accompanied by a generous helping of fries.
  • JEAGER SCHNITZEL: Served with mashed potatoes and a hot bacon-cabbage dish, with a pro-tip to ask for the schnitzel mushroom gravy on the potatoes.
  • AVOCADO TOAST: A massive and delicious offering, complemented well with tasty mimosas.
  • SAUSAGE PADDLE: Featuring bratwurst and polish sausage, this dish is a meat lover’s delight.
  • CRISPY BRUSSELS SPROUTS APPETIZER: An irresistible start to your meal.
  • CHICKEN SCHNITZEL CLUB: Highly recommended by satisfied diners.
Sausage Paddle and Reuben egg roll DeAnna

The Nitro Pina Colada!


Little Rhein Prost Haus boasts a multi-level, ornately decorated patio overlooking the River Walk, offering a sense of seclusion from the bustling trail below. The live music, ranging from country to eclectic entertainment, adds a vibrant touch to the atmosphere. The restaurant’s staff is renowned for their friendliness and attentiveness, enhancing the overall dining experience.

Bottom Line: Why visit Little Rhein Prost Haus? It’s a hidden gem that offers a taste of Germany in the heart of San Antonio. With its great food, fantastic river walk patio, and live music, it’s a must-visit for anyone looking for an enjoyable and unique dining experience. Whether you’re in town for business or leisure, make sure to swing by this hidden gem for a meal that’s both delightful and memorable.

Location: 231 S Alamo St San Antonio, TX 78205


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